Alone Together was originally intended to be a physical promenade of installations and performances held at Gardens Theatre. Due to COVID-19 restrictions this project was adjusted to fit on a website, but consist predominantly of performances documented at Gardens Theatre.

My group's original idea consisted of two separate installations. The first was titled Nexus Lite and was pitched as a maze, involving the stationing of microphones, speakers and lights within the aisles of the auditorium to record and play back the sound made by audience members. Directional LED lights and siren lights would be activated by motion sensors to direct people through this maze.

The second installation, titled URL=IRL, imagined a zoom call which documented transitory spaces within the Gardens Theatre venue in a surveillance style, exhibited via monitors on the walls of these spaces.
Nexus Lite Mock-Up, Created by Lillian Whitaker
Nexus Lite Mock-Up, Created by Zara Dudley
Nexus Lite Mock-Up, Created by myself
Nexus Lite Mock-Up, Created by myself
URL=IRL Mock-Up, Created by Lucy Nguyen-Hunt
These original ideas were crucial in informing the website URL=IRL, the project outcome for this group. The concept of Nexus Lite was adapted into a navigation bar at the bottom of the website page, while also informing the overall web design. The original URL=IRL (now the overall project title) has been adapted into a larger-scale video of a zoom meeting and acts as the viewer's gateway into the Gardens Theatre venue.
URL=IRL Project Outcome (Demonstration using Navigation Bar)
Created by Bella Deary, Lillian Whitaker, Zara Dudley, Lucy Nguyen-Hunt, Macarra Berthaly-Martyn, Anthony Vanden
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