Bella Deary is a Meanjin (Brisbane) based visual artist whose practice gathers influence from environmental science and climate activism to promote the equality of all living forms. Deary uses key materials of latex and video projection to create installations, often with immersive and interactive qualities. Her practice centres around the concept of ecocentrism, the belief that all natural life should be valued equally. Deary's work aims to dismantle the hierarchy between human and non-human life by emphasising the body’s organic qualities and simulating interactions between these forms.
Notably, Deary has been awarded the 2021 Hilde Chenhall Memorial Scholarship and has recently commenced a Masters of Philosophy under an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship, whereby she is investigating art-science collaborations to promote environmental welfare. Deary has recently exhibited in a group exhibition of projections onto the Judith Wright Centre, entitled 'Location Location Location' with OuterSpace. She has also recently exhibited in the Metro Arts' 'Young Artist Forum'. Deary will be featured as part of  a group exhibition at Metro Arts in January 2022, entitled 'Lotion'.
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